EBT Mass Filling

The end time of End Brick Jam Removal is the start of EBT mass filling. The shell has a brick structure just like our walls, and when the metal is heated, the structure might erode in the process( it won’t melt, but some of the parts may cut out or break) .So, the structure is filled out of the gaps .This activity is monitored and captured by the EBT camera. The flapper had to be closed for the filling of the shell, and a person goes up the staircase, fills the material and then coming back downstairs. The person coming downstairs is the end of EBT mass filling. 


EBT Hopper delay -Whenever the time exceeds the sop, we write it as the hopper delay.

Manpower delay-Generally, the person goes up when EBT Jam Removal is going on, but in some cases, even after completing the first activity, the person might not go up the staircase. We take the delay as a manpower delay.

Duration is the time between the end of the first activity and the end of the second activity, I.e., the person coming down of the stairs in this case.