End Brick Jam Removal

After tapping is completed from the first heat(i.e., when the hot metal stops draining out of the shell), the ramp moves in the front, which is the start of setup for the next heat and start of the End Brick Jam Removal because End Brick Jam is the first process of the second heat. Enbrick Jam happens when tapping is completed, and the shell has already been tilted in some angle(which had occurred as a part of tapping to remove the metal from the shell), ramp moves forward (start of End Brick Jam), a person comes and pokes the hot metal or scratches the remaining hot metal from the bottom of the shell so that the flapper closes. Then, this flapper is again opened and closed to see if the flapper is working properly. This activity should happen in the mentioned SOP time. If that takes more time than that, it is a delay of End Brick Jam. If the flapper opens and closes more than two times, we choose the last time flapper was closed as the end time. At times, the ramp is already in front at tapping and in such a situation, we take the time when tapping stops as the start time for End Brick Jam.