Launder Pouring

Top lance position- The shell top goes and positions itself on the top of the shell. The end time is when it has been positioned on the top of the shell. Launder insertion-It’s a cart which in the front of the shell and then its front part goes inside the shell HM positioning- A bucket(ladle) comes and positions with the help of a crane and has hot metal inside it. The end of launder insertion is the start of HM positioning. It comes and positions on the top of the launder. HM Shortage delay- HM positioning is started, and the bucket (ladle) is not available in the Hm pit .There are four shells, but only one ladle can be filled, and this ladle can go to one shell at a time, the crane should be waiting there to give the hot metal to the shell. If the crane is not there, this is HM shortage delay. Crane delay-the crane has come, but the positioning hasn’t been done Operators manage all these things, and they are all done manually. HM pouring -It starts pouring of the hot metal inside the launder. Launder is just a medium to pour inside the shell. These 4 activities are done simultaneously, and these 4 are together called launder pouring. After this is completed, blowing happens, then tapping, and then the next process will start. The above activities are cyclic in nature. Next, we will talk about some processes that are not necessarily needed in every cycle but are used whenever required