Vertscend Automation



Improve turn around time of Barges, optimize conveyor and loading and unloading crane utilization.


  • Barge Tracking Barges are being tracked using AIS system for location Geo fencing has implemented to track waiting delays and barge master are sent the alerts to key in delay reasons, Based on above inputs ETA calculation of barges is done to loading and unloading points, Barge schedules are generated and this schedule is updated based on real time feeds from live delays.

Convey or utilization:

  • Full load, partial load and idle duration of the convey or are received using tonnage sensors.

Crane utilization:

  • The stevedore is responsible for are entering the crane on going activities He also reports the delays and stop pages times estimated These activities are considered for schedule calculation of barge loading and unloading.


   • Turnaround timelines of the barges have been improved from 53hr to 45hr.
   • This has saved our client penalty charges for barge waiting as well as mother vessel waiting. 
   • System has given an ability for planners to plan consumption in plan with real-time data available at their disposal. 
   • Conveyor Utilization has improved from 55% to 75%.
   • This has improved the production supply availability of plant.