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Monitoring Shell activities and detecting the activity time. Give a graphical dashboard for displaying the activities live with ML model detection. based on SOP times, calculate delay in each activity and generate report of the delays with defined reasons.

Tracking and Planning the Out bound Rail Logistics Reducing the waiting time of rake and demurrage auto calculation. 

Improve turn around time of Barges, optimize conveyor and loading and unloading crane utilization.



Office Cabs Scheduling and Vendor Payment. That Keeps You Automated Easily.

Establish communication between purchase and sales modules of SAP and E base.

End to end SAP implementation from procurement to delivery of goods to the customer and maintenance of  SAP system.

Monitor the Electricity drawn into the plant and in areas. Monitor the Gas/Material drawn into the plant and in areas. Monitor Turbine Utilization. Machine consumption monitoring of the resources.

Learn uneven and zig-zag path of the wielding surface and guide the wielding machine to track the.

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