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Google Ads has the most sophisticated platform for paid search, strongly outperforming competitors like Bing Ads. Google Ads allows advertisers to set a daily budget for each campaign and choose bids for each ad group and keyword.

Campaign settings include features such as ad schedules, location settings, and mobile device settings. In addition, the Ads Keyword Planner allows you to brainstorm and evaluate the strength of keywords for your campaigns.

Generating More Visits and Leads with Google Ads

Google Ads strives for relevancy and rewards advertisers for making their campaigns as useful to searchers as possible. Ads assigns a Quality Score to each keyword in an account. Quality Score partly determines the cost per click for an ad in the top position on Google Search.
If you’re looking to improve the Quality Score for your Ads campaigns, Blue Corona can help. By optimizing ad relevancy and landing page content to improve the click-through rate and online conversion rate, our PPC specialists can improve the Quality Score for your account—allowing you to drive the most qualified visits to your website.
It’s also important to note that Ads (AdWords) favors advertisers who frequently adjust their account and experiment with the latest features Ads offers, making PPC management an essential element of advertising on Ads.

Campaign Focus

When creating a new campaign from scratch, we have various methods and opportunities available to create a perfectly functional and results driven campaign. We will recommend and suggest the best options to move forward.


Determining your goal is crucial for the campaign to be effective. As our sole purpose is to make this nothing more than a success and growing source of benefit for our client's business.

Discovery & Analysis

Our primary focus is to understand your requirements, goal and aspirations for your business. Based on this we create a plan specifically to achieve nothing but the highest success for your campaign(s).

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Keyword Research

Choosing the correct keywords allows us to be displayed not only to the correct audience but to search terms that are cost effective. A detailed study of all possible keyword options will be researched and presented to you.

vertscend automatio- Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Studying the specifics of your direct competitor’s plans and strategies is essential for campaign success. Measuring both opportunities and risks involved in campaigns help tremendously with overall campaign set-up.